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Caudencio Lazaro

Current Students

Lewis Rafael


Lewis was considered one of the best students of his year and achieved high grades in his final exams. Lewis’ father encouraged him to continue his studies by enrolling at Unilurio, the State university to study Geological Engineering, a four-year course, which Lewis had been interested in doing since 2015. He was highly recommended by the School Director and was able to pass the entrance exam for a place on this much sought after course.

In his application for funding by PAVE Lewis wrote:

He started studying Geological Engineering in February 2018 and has done well in all his exams. He is very thrilled about this and thanks God for providing the finance through PAVE!

My plans are working with others to improve the country’s economic conditions, give a good life to my parents and siblings and create favourable conditions for people who have aspirations to study (people without the possibilities!)

We are very happy to say that in July 2020, Leio got married to his very beautiful wife Rosita.

Leio’s mother came as a refugee from Tanzania to Mozambique when Leio was 4 years old, together with his elder sister. Despite many years of extreme economic hardship, Leio was able to finish high school, which was his mother’s aim. His dream was to become an IT consultant. Thanks to PAVE Leio is now in the third year of a degree in I.T. at UCM in Pemba. Leio says:


"I chose this course because I love working with computers and teaching, so this course will make me a teacher of network and computer systems and is a course which is close to my heart since I was studying in primary school...

My mother is very proud of me and I want to look after her when I graduate, because my father left us when I was 3-months old. I am responsible for her and my young cousins who live with us. I want to advise my friends to study more and help their families and other people.

Leio Adamo Abacar

Leo with wife Rosita.jpg

Antonio Jenito Augusto

Antonio was nominated Student of the Year at his school in 2018 and has won various nationally recognised student awards. In January 2020 he passed the entrance exam to the highly-sought after Universidade Lurio, which is the official Science University, run by the State. He commenced his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2020. Antonio says:

"I like to do this course because I think that it’s a good course, challenging, interesting and it can help me to succeed in the future. It is also in the area of what I like. I always liked technology, machines and science… I like to create, to build, to invent, to innovate, to produce, to imagine and to motivate others...

I will work to get good results, good marks and

give my best.

He is very happy that he has been given this opportunity to develop his God-given skills!

Abel Xavier

Abel passed the first year exams of his degree in Geological Engineering at Universidade Lurio in Pemba in December 2018. Unfortunately, Abel’s father suddenly passed away and without his financial support, Abel was unable to enrol on the second year. He approached PAVE in 2019 and in February 2020 he was finally able to resume his course. He is overjoyed as he loves his course and thought he would not be able to finish it.


After he qualifies as a Geological Engineer Abel would like to work as Geologist engineer mainly in the oil area. Abel says:

I want to help people realize their dreams and help my family so that they have a good life.


Ulisses Nelson Manuel

Ulisses’ parents are both unemployed so although Ulisses desperately wanted to continue his studies after finishing secondary school, at the end of 2017, he never thought this would be possible, even though his academic grades were high. However, Ulisses was sponsored to go on to further education and in 2019, after passing the entrance examination, he commenced his studies to become a fully qualified Language Teacher at high school level. This course is not available in his hometown of Pemba, Mozambique, so Ulisses is studying in Nampula, a city about 400 kms away. Ulisses is thoroughly enjoying his course and this is what he says about it:
"The reason why I like this course is because I feel comfortable with it and I think it’s easier to get a job after you finish the course...


I want to help my family economically and my country as well in terms of serving the society.

There is a great interest in learning English in Mozambique and Ulisses will definitely have no problem in finding plenty of work either in a private capacity or working in a secondary school as a Portuguese and English Language teacher.

Justino Ernesto Weta

Justino lives with his brothers and parents in Pemba, Mozambique. Both parents are unemployed so when Justino dreamt of attending further education, it seemed just that – a dream! But God provided miraculously through PAVE.
He is presently attending Universidade Catolica de Mozambique on an Economics and Management
course. This is a four-year course and he started in February 2019, having passed all his first year exams with high grades.

Justino says "I’ve always loved science and I’ve always enjoyed helping people to develop their ideas. I like Economics because it helps people reduce unnecessary waste of goods in their homes…it is applied in Agriculture, Engineering, Commerce or Business among other areas...


I will do my utmost to complete this course with the best possible effort and to help the people develop their business in whatever way I can.

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