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Caudencio Lazaro

New Students
in 2022

Firmino Chafin has always dreamt of becoming a doctor and in April 2022 he enrolled in the General Medicine Technician course which is a 3-year course. Firmino's father is a guard, and his mother does domestic work, and as such they could not afford the fees for this course, so PAVE was very happy to step in and help. So far, Firmino's results have all been above average, so we are expecting great things from him!

Firmino says "I chose the general medicine technician course. I chose this course to fulfil my dream and to help myself, my family and the community in general. After my training, I would like to continue my studies at the university and graduate with a degree in public health.


I want to work to fund an association to help people living with albinism like me. I believe my course will be an opportunity to educate others about skin care and wounds caused by sunburn. "

Firmino Chafim - in uniform.jpg

Firmino Chafim

Maria Hermeneguildo

Maria Hermeneguildo is studying Preventive Medicine, a 3 year course, at the Technical Institute of Pemba.

Neither of Maria's parents have a fixed income so Maria's aspirations to become a nurse seemed futile. However, thanks to PAVE, Maria is now enjoying her course very much and this is what she says.

"I chose this course of preventive medicine to help the children to have a good physical as well as psychological development. Also, to help the mothers to care for their sick children and in the all-round development of the child.


I would like to help my family as both my father and mother are jobless. I want to thank PAVE for this opportunity as without this opportunity I would not have been able to do this course, God bless you!"

Natalia Bento was able to enrol on a 3 and a half year course in General Nursing in Pemba, thanks to PAVE's sponsors.

Natalia says "I would like to do a course in General Nursing to help my society and my family.

Nursing is a profession which needs to be carried out calmly and with love. The value of a course in community nursing cannot be measured when it deals with human health and to be able to do something in significant moments as has been the case during the current Covid 19 pandemic."

Natalia has high ambitions to improve Nursing practice in Mozambique and especially regarding relating to the patient on a personal level.


"At the end of the day"  she adds "I want to feel that I have brought honour to my profession."

So far, she has received high marks in all her exams.

Natalia Bento

Seguro Americo Luciano

Seguro's desire for the past few years has been to graduate as a Nurse in General Nursing.  He achieved very high end of school exam marks and thus came to the Director's and Janaina's attention when he enquired if there was any way he could receive financial aid to acheive his dream.  PAVE then decided to give him that opportunity and he has consistently obtained very good grades.

This is what Seguro says :

"In my family we are a total of eight - 5 children and

3 adults. My parents earn 8,000mzn between them and this course costs 3,500mzn per month. which is why I approached Mana Janaina to ask for help. 

The duration of the course is 2 years and 6 months, as it is at a middle level.  I wanted to study at the higher level but because of the precarious financial conditions I chose to study at the middle level.


But I thank God for PAVE that I can attend this course and achieve this level."


Who knows?  Through the generosity of his sponsors, God may provide Seguro with a future beyond his wildest dreams!  

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