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How We Began

When Adele and Richard Dabrowski visited Mozambique for the first time in 2011,they became aware of the great needs of the local community, one of the poorest in Africa. Adele used her experience of teaching English to help some of the students in the last year at the local school to improve their English.

This enabled a handful of school leavers to eventually find employment in the few local hotels and restaurants.  However, a year after finishing school, the vast majority of the ex-students were unemployed and totally despaired of ever finding gainful work!   Some of them desperately wanted to continue with their studies and had the academic capacity to do so.But to go to University or even further education college was a just a pipe dream!  Even to have financed the cost of their secondary schooling was a great effort for the family. 

And yet, the irony is that there is a great shortage of professionals and qualified tradespeople in the area.  Those who qualify are never short of work. Then they in turn can help their community.

In 2017 Adele contacted some like-minded people who like her, felt that this was a great shame. These ambitious young people, aiming to rise out of the poverty trap and to eventually assist their families, were not being given the chance to do so. As a result PAVE was born and in 2018 it achieved recognised status as a registered UK charity.




After many years as a community pharmacist, Richard retired in 2010. He then attended International Bible Institute of London where he graduated with the Higher Diploma of Christian Studies. In 2012 he acquired a CELTA qualification in order to enable him to help with the English language teaching in Mozambique. 

As the son of Polish immigrants to the UK, Richard appreciates having received the opportunity of further education and would  very much like African young men and women to benefit as he did, thus enabling them to assist their family.  

   Richard Dabrowski   

   Adele Dabrowski   

Adele has a B.Sc Honours degree in Sociology and has long been interested in other cultures and lifestyles. She qualified in CELTA and CCI and taught English as a second language for many years to UK immigrants in London.


In January 2013 she started teaching in Mozambique, developing a school leavers study programme to improve their English, and subsequent chances of employment. 

Adele has a passion for seeing young people realising their  dreams through education and developing the fullness of their God-given talents. 

Sarah Hall

Sarah is a qualified solicitor and worked in banking and insurance groups before becoming a regulatory consultant. She runs her own consultancy company working with regulated firms and regulatory bodies in different countries. She also has experience of being a charity trustee and a non-executive director.

Teaching runs in Sarah's family and she has extensive experience of training staff. Because of this, she has seen the difference that education can bring to people's lives and it was this that motivated Sarah to become a trustee of PAVE.

Sarah brings a wealth of legal and regulatory experience to PAVE.


She has worked with many regulatory bodies and understands their expectations. Having spent many years working with organisations to improve their effectiveness, she is putting this to use as our young charity grows. Sarah Hall is a preacher and teacher in her local church and churches across West London.  

Andrea has a BA (Hons) in Media Arts and a Masters in Mission and Development.

She has a vast experience of working in ministry with young adults, men and women, within the church and the wider community, helping individuals to access training and education.


She graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Mission and Development which she continues to be passionate about. Alongside being a Trustee for PAVE she works with other development NGO’s and supports missionaries and individuals on the field.

For four years Andrea worked on the ground as a missionary in Pemba, Mozambique helping students gain access to scholarships, and she continues to carry this passion to see young adults flourish through further education. Andrea is currently employed by a UK charity.

During Brian’s long ministry he pastored three churches and served as Evangelistic Director, and Regional Superintendent for the Elim Pentecostal church.


He has spoken at conferences worldwide and authored four books.


Brian and his wife Vanessa launched ‘Liberation Ministries’ in 1999, a ministry that at its heart works to see God’s people liberated to reach their full potential in Christ.

Andrea Towers

Brian Richardson 

Brian Richardson



in Mozambique

Our helpers on the ground – without whom it would be very difficult to monitor the students’ progress and the expenditure!

These two missionaries offer their assistance to PAVE on a totally voluntary basis.

They both love children and especially Mozambican children and young people.

They are a great asset to PAVE as
they know all the students personally and are there to deal with any enquiries or needs that the students might have.

Janaina was born in Brazil and is married to Aurelio, the Director of a local school in Pemba of over 3,500 pupils.

In 2013 she and her husband arrived as missionaries to work for the school, which is
run by a large Christian charity. She is a qualified social worker and the official school social worker.

As such she works very closely with all the students and knows many of them personally. She has a great desire to see young Mozambican men and women fulfil their destiny and bring about Godly change in their community.

She liaises directly with the universities and manages the ongoing monthly students accounts, ensuring that she has receipts for everything!


Evelyn came to Mozambique from the USA as a missionary in 2018. She is a qualified ESL teacher.

Evelyn has a real heart for children of all ages and has been working in the school in Pemba with the
students in Years 11 and 12, since she arrived in 2018.


This means that Evelyn also has personal contact with the school leaders and is there for them when they need encouragement, practical help
with their arrangements with PAVE and basically acts as the go between in relaying messages and
requests to the students from and to PAVE.

Janaina Carvalho Ritsuri 

Evelyn Evenrude